About Phab1

Phab1 creates aesthetic brands, websites & apps that make people happy

Understanding your business + Knowing your clients = Serving you.

Phab1 is an experienced collective that has worked with companies over different branches. Our first objective is to know your business. Our second is to know your clients. By getting to know these two factors we are able to serve you a solution that will make your business near and clear to you clients. We have the firm believe that clarity in design can create happy clients and increase their engagement with you. Phab1 has already created some products which are awarded or nominated for their simplicity and design.

Simplicity & design aesthetics

Nowadays, it’s not enough to just create visuals. Brands need to be lived and experienced. So our goal is to give your brand a spirit to make it a unique experience. This can only be achieved by simplicity, clarity and aesthetically appealing products.


We’re driven by a passion for design and the will to see it being used in real life. Our passion is in the business card you hand over to a partner or an application being used by millions of people across the globe. In all these products we love the receiver to have a great experience.

The name Phab1

Phab1 is short for, and a bit differently spelled from, the word ‘fabulous’. We strive to make clients happy through a fabulous experience.

Enjoy your experience,

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